Sunday, 3 May 2015

Chasin' the clouds aaaaaway!

There are only so many sunny weekends here in Van City.  As such, BBQs must be planned with intention and precision.  As soon as my iPhone brought a sunny Saturday to my attention, I knew I needed to make the mostest of said weather situation.

Special thanks to the following recipes for making this get together a success:

*only used 1/4 c sugar as opposed to 3/4 c*

P.S.  Sunday was obviously spent lounging on my glorious postage stamp of a patio and admiring my pastel pedicure in all of its color co-ordinated glory.

To Summer!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Reducing is Really Rad.

The Minimalist movement (and just simplifying my life in general) has been something of interest to me for the past couple of years now.  I have found myself quite drawn to the {Slow Your Home} blog after listening to the roll out of Brooke's accompanying (and amazing) podcast on the "slow living" way of life.  Ironically, I feel like even the Minimalist movement has become inundated with digital clutter (endless resources, listicles, things you MUST do to achieve so-called enlightenment).  Brooke approaches Minimalism with a common sense voice that cuts through the noise.

After reading through her blog and other websites I have pinned to my Pinterest boards, I'm realizing that I already incorporate a lot of  minimalist living approaches into my everyday life.  To name just a few:  An everything box designed to be a catch all for random items before they are ultimately sorted (think bills, mail to be dealt with, things to return to their owners, gifts to be wrapped)...  Asking myself key questions before making a new  purchase...  Paring down to just 4 sets of sheets and towels...  Understanding that the first R is the most important because the third R isn't always all that its made out to be...

Anybody who knows me in real life would chuckle at my voracious appetite for articles on the topic of decluttering.  My desk at work is known for always being neat and tidy.  I really don't own a lot.  I make lists.  Add to this the fact that I have always lived in small apartments in one of the most expensive cities in the world  and you could say my actual environment has made "keeping minimal" fairly natural.

While it is true that my physical life is lacking clutter in comparison to many other people, the same cannot always be said for my mental life.  Like many of us, I frequently feel bogged down by unwelcome obligations and people who may not always bring out the best in me.  I find it hard to put down that tablet or smart phone and truly disconnect.  I am now learning more and more about what it means to be intentional in my life.  I already notice how my relationships and overall feeling of control are improving simply by being mindful with my thoughts, decisions and interactions.

One thing is for sure:  Minimalism is what you make of it.  Some people choose to view Minimalism as nothing more than a prolonged spring cleaning.  I see Minimalism as a sort of spirituality for the secular.  Minimalism is a way to live your life.  By keeping things simple, you can focus on what really matters.  Also, you get to buy some cute containers along the way...  what's not to love?  :D

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Q: What did the lemon say to the lime?

A:  You're so a peeling!  ( >     < )

Full credit to this blog post from Simply Crochet for the free pattern!

* So easy - took me less than an hour.  :)  I did a sc with 2 strands of cotton yarn as opposed to the hdc that the pattern suggests.  Only made the strap 7 sc wide.  No button hole as the spaces were big enough. *

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tell Me How You Really Felt...

I adore my Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts 2011 magazine.  It is a reference book in my home.  I display it prominently in a bookcase nestled amongst the weighty literary offerings of Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert, and Choose Your Own Adventure Books 1 through 3.  You don't seem to be getting me:  If my apartment were to catch fire, it would be under my arm.  I'm that serious.

You see, I love felt crafts.  <3  Like *LOVE* felt crafts.  <3  This magazine not only contains the instructions for the wreath I chronicled in my verrrrrrrrry first blog post, but also the instructions for the wreath you see below.  I finished the autumn wreath in October 2014 after two years in the making (You can't rush my genius.).  I took a photo of my masterpiece and Pinned it before giving the real thing to my mother for Thansgiving.  She NEEDED its tasteful, shimmery ribbon and folksy felt goodness...  and she wouldn't take no for an answer.  I completely understand - it's downright mesmerizing.

SEE THIS CUTE OWL?  SEE IT?  If the wreath didn't put you into a trace, this guy's eyes sure will.  I kept seeing these two projects on Pinterest and decided that I could not legitimately call myself a felt afficianado until I had made them both a reality.  Well, I did...  and I would like to report that I have never...  felt...  better.

Monday, 30 March 2015


I started crocheting about 6 months ago and I'm really starting to get into it.  I've been teaching myself via video tutorials and getting tons of tips and project ideas from Pinterest and various Facebook groups.  

To date, I've made:

- Sc dish rag
- C2C dish rag (gifted)
- Sc basic slippers (didn't keep but they were good practice)
- Sc mug cozy
- Granny stitch neck warmer (with fancy button closure)
- Christmas ornaments
- C2C Christmas blanket (gifted)
- Dc cowl style scarf (gifted)

My goals for the year are to finish a ripple afghan for my Dad and a Granny Square afghan for my twin.  I also feel that a tea towel topper will NEED to be made in order for me to truly earn my crochet street cred.  <Insert Hooker Joke Here>

Sunday, 16 June 2013


I like potatoes. I like smashing things.  For these reasons, this recipe seemed to be worth a shot.  Interesting potato fact #1:  Apparently there are other ways to cook a potato than boiling the ever living SHITE out of it!  Who knew?  Interesting potato fact #2:  The word potato comes from the Spanish word 'patata.'  Get a load o' thatta!
They're kind of a big dill...

Cauliflower without unhealthy amounts of Cheeze Whiz(TM) is, well...  gross.  As such, I have been diligently searching for a more refined (and generally edible) way to prepare cauliflower.  This roasted cauliflower recipe is what I be talkin' 'bouttttttttt... 
Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this photo looks like it could be ordered and [INSERT CHAIN RESTAURANT NAME]-sized.  And let's face it:  Anything that can be [INSERT CHAIN RESTAURANT NAME]-sized and made at home is ALWAYS blog worthy.
Betcha can't have just one!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

P-O-M times 2 plus S! My Pom-poms are just the best!!!

I had a wee bit of a St. Paddy's Day party this past March and I really think these tissue paper pom poms stole the show.  I bought the tissue paper from the dollar store, used some fine gauge wire I already had on hand and followed this YouTube tutorial.

Work it for me baby!

Oh yeah - just like that!

The camera LOVES you dahling!

Shamrock decorations from the How About Orange blog I found on Pinterest.

FACT:  I've never met a sticker I didn't like.

 My pom pom garland inspired by an entry on My Blessed Life blog.

Top o' the garland to ye! 

 I thought that decorating my front door with doilies would be a fun way to play on the whole lace Irish idea.  What do you think?

Irish Proverb:  "Never bolt your door with a boiled carrot."  (Point taken!  Note the lack of boiled carrot in above photo.)

Oh the snacks that were had!

From left to right...
1.  Kraft Peanut Butter cookies (Super easy recipe that is right on the baack of the jar!)
2.  Betty Crocker Cupcakes (Shhh!  From a mix, so I'm not going to bother with any sort of recipe.  ;))
3.  Cucumber Feta Rolls from the Good Life Eats blog
4.  Homemade Vegetable Dip from
5.  My take on Caprese Bites (I used yellow cherry tomatoes, feta, and basil instead.)

I also made some pulled pork sandwiches and some 'slaw that night, but the results weren't up to my exacting domestic specifications.  Will keep ya'll updated when I find recipes for those dishes that make the grade.